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Project Definition

   Project Definition


Project Manager:


1.1 Motivation  (top)

The motivation for this Elec499 project mainly came from a desire to have a system at home that allows for various devices to be controlled via remote control. I received the Beolink 1000 remote control from a relative a while ago and it has been of no use to me as I do not have any Bang & Olufsen electronics. Trying to make use of this remote control motivated me to go out and search for the matching transceiver module from the same company so the remote’s IR signal could be received. Combining the remote, transceiver and additional components to make a system will give me the opportunity to have the convenience of controlling devices with ease while, for instance, sitting on the couch, and eventually lead towards a complete home automation system down the road.

1.2 Problem Description   (top)

The main objective for the project is to be able to successfully and in a reasonably small amount of time decode an incoming signal from the remote. To accomplish this, the signal needs to be analyzed and a with a computer program this signal can be classified in terms of how a sent message is contained in the transmitted signal and what makes the signal unique. To build the type of system that is necessary to fulfill the requirements of controlling devices via remote control, some additional components are used. These include an older laptop computer running DOS, a parallel port with open DB-25 connector, the PASCAL programming language, and finally some output logic.

1.3 Beolink 1000 & Transceiver Pictures   (top)

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