The ScanTronics ScanTron is a nice addition to any at home or at work garage. We created it out of a 2 piece, durable plastic casing complete with rubber button covers to help keep the dirt out. We also used a 4 line LCD display over a 2 line display to maximize screen area and therefore minimize confusing acronyms. The unit fits easily into your hand and with only a cable and the unit itself, there is little to keep track of.



The heart to the ScanTron is the Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller. If you are the ambitious type and have the proper developement kit, we have actually included a connection on the printed circuit board (PCB) to allow you to connect directly to the microcontroller and add your own code (not suggested).

We will guarentee a long lifetime to our product; conisting mainly of one circuit board and an LCD, we feel we have come up with a design that has left little to go wrong.