What does a ScanTronics ScanTron do?

By connecting to your vehicle's ECU, the ScanTronics OBD ScanTron can report on all monitored devices. This means that should a device be malfunctioning, the fault reader can locate the troubled device and help you to better diagnose the problem.

Who needs one?

Qualified Mechanics

  • Cut diagnosis time in half
  • Diagnose potentially unknown problems
  • Better serve your customers

Auto Enthusiast

  • Do more of your own work
  • Cut down on mechanics costly hourly rates

What makes it better then the rest?

Our ScanTronics ScanTron has several key advantages over our competition:

  1. We have made ours available at a price everyone can afford.
  2. We added extra menus and "hot keys" to ensure that everything is easy to access and straight forward.
  3. It can easily connect to any computer and access even more extended options.