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What is Pedalboard?

[+]  Introduction
[+]  Objective @
[+]  Midi Specification @
[+]  Hardware Design
[+]  Software Design
[+]  Midi Programs
[+]  Features of our Midi Compatible Organ Pedal

Many older and acoustic keyboard instruments do not have a MIDI interface and thus cannot be used to control other synthesizers. The purpose of the project is to design a midi interface that translate midi signals from an electronic instrument into a form that can be read by a computer. The midi interface is primarily used for organ pedal.

A 32-switch connector is connected from the pedal board to our midi interface. When a pedalboard is pressed, the corresponding switch will be detected. This signal is then processed by a PIC (programmable chip) that translates the keynote to midi data, which can be send to and recorded by an existing software such as Cakewalk, Noteworthy Composer or Maestro synthesizer on a computer through a midi cable. These notes are displayed on the computer screen when the recording is completed. The user can either save the midi file or replay it on the computer. An overall system setup is shown below.


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