Home Energy Audits and Alternative Energy Consulting

Dyson Consulting is a professional consulting service providing simple solutions and
complete professional engineering services to new and retrofit residential projects.

Our professional engineers and technicians design all systems for reliability, maximum
efficiency and aesthetic perfection within the budgetary constraints of our customer's project.

Why utilize alternative energies?
    Long term reliability even during power outages;
    Predictable costs;
    Renewable energy that creates no air pollutants or toxic emissions;
    Stimulates a domestic high-tech industry and create jobs;
    Alternative energies are natural, renewable energy resources.
Why Perform an Energy Audit?
    Determine where heat is being lost;
    Determine how much air is leaking out through cracks in doors and windows;
    Determine the efficiency of heating and hot water systems;
    Determine the most cost effective upgrades.
As the world continues to shift from fossil fuels to alternative energy, Dyson Consulting
will be there to assist home owners with this exciting transition.

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