Home Energy Audit Services

There are three driving forces behind home energy audits:
  1. Make the home more comfortable,

  2. Reduce the home’s Green House Gas (GHG) emissions (including those created by the
    generation of the electricity it consumes) and

  3. Reduce the annual utility costs.

We offer the following services:
    Inspection, evaluation, reports and cost estimates;
    Analyze the current home system
    • Conduct a blower door test to measure your home's air leakage;
    • Calculate areas and volumes and describe construction details;
    • Record the efficiency of the primary heating system and hot-water heater;
    • Look for entire house problems such as combustionventing or moisture that
      could become a problem with renovations;
    Provide an action plan for improving the home;
    Construction support assistance;
    Free relevant follow-up resource.

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