UVIC Group #12


Self Powered

Wind Sensor

Sponsored by: AXYS Technologies and Environmental Systems




Upcoming Events and Deadlines

January 12th, 2005

  • First Class Meeting, Elliot 062, 6 - 7pm. Deadline for submission of approved project.

January 17th, 2005

  • Progress Report #1 is due.

March 2nd, 2005

  • Midterm Review Meeting, Elliot 062, 6 - 7pm.

March 7th, 2005

  • Progress Report #2 is due.

April 1st, 2005

  • Poster Presentation and Project Demonstration       4pm Engineering Building Lobby.

April 8th, 2005

  • Final Report and Web design is to be due.

News and Events

January 10th, 2005:   Team BSS2 Met with Reo Phillips from AXYS Environmental Systems to "Kick off" project. 

January 13th, 2005:   Project Approved by UVIC

January 14th, 2005:   Permission Granted from Camosun College to use their lab equipment and wind tunnel.

January 17th, 2005:  First Progress Report is submitted.

February 06th, 2005: Website is under construction

March 06th, 2005:     Self powered wind sensor is not possible, as output simply isn't adequate.

March 07th, 2005:     Second Progress Report is submitted.

March 08th, 2005:     Team BSS2 investigate and get approval to use Solar Power instead of wind power.

March 15th, 2005:     Storage medium is finalized and purchased.  A Nickel Metal Hydride battery was chose, as it was the most reasonably priced, and could operate at the lowest temperature.

March 20th, 2005:     Charging circuitry for charging system is complete and components are ordered.

March 27th, 2005:     Charging circuit is built and tested.

March 30th, 2005:     System is mounted on a printed circuit board

March 31st, 2005:     Poster is made for the poster presentation

April 01st, 2005:       Poster Presentation and Project Demonstration 4pm in the Engineering Building Lobby.

April 06th, 2005:        Final Report is started

April 07th, 2005:        Website and Final Report are finished

April 08th, 2005:       Final Report and website is due and to be handed into UVIC supervisor.


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