While researching the circuit design for the new control box, a number of ideas for possible future improvements were generated. The circuit currently requires a negative and a positive supply voltage to operate. The circuit could be redesigned to operate on a single supply voltage, which would simplify the power supply design. Another possible alternative is to use a commercially available chip that converts a single DC voltage into the necessary positive and negative voltages.

The power supply connector type on the control box designed by Marion Systems is identical to the style of plug used for midi, and could very easily fit into the wrong jack if the user was unsure as to where it was supposed to be plugged in. The improved circuit will not have midi jacks, however, it would still probably be a good idea to use a connector that could fit only into a power jack.

Digital filtering should be considered in the future as an alternative to analog filtering. It would simplify the hardware required, and would allow for greater flexibility.


The Radio Drum is a three dimensional motion sensing device. It uses capacitive moments sensing to determine the position of an object moving in a three-dimensional space above a surface. The goal of this project is to redesign the Radio Drum control box for UVATT with the purpose of minimizing cost and size.
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