Position Coordinates Calculation

The most basic function of the radiodrum is to measure the position in 3D space of an object. Since this is a common theme to ever application considered by UVATT so far, and is likely to be common to all future projects, the question arises whether or not the position of the object should be calculated within the control box. If a PIC is used to measure the amplitude of the corner waveforms as described earlier, it would be a relatively simple matter to incorporate a few additional lines of code to do these calculations. If another method of amplitude measurement was used, the PIC would have to be added, thus increasing the cost and complexity of the circuit. These factors will all be considered when making a decision as to which direction to take with respect to the design of the circuit.

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The Radio Drum is a three dimensional motion sensing device. It uses capacitive moments sensing to determine the position of an object moving in a three-dimensional space above a surface. The goal of this project is to redesign the Radio Drum control box for UVATT with the purpose of minimizing cost and size.
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