X,Y,Z Coordinate Mapping

The drumsticks or mallets transmit a radio frequency that is detected by the drum surface. Each drumstick operates at a different frequency. There are four analog signals for each of the drumsticks generated by antennas situated at the four corners of the drum. By using a displacement algorithm the four signals can be transformed into three data channels representing the x,y,z displacement versus time. The amplitudes of the four signals coming from each antenna determine the values of x and y [1]. As a drumstick moves towards an antenna at the corner of the drum, the signal that the antenna transmits increases. The sum of the four antenna signals gives the z value. The largest value of z occurs when the drumsticks are touching the drum itself; at infinity z equals zero.

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The Radio Drum is a three dimensional motion sensing device. It uses capacitive moments sensing to determine the position of an object moving in a three-dimensional space above a surface. The goal of this project is to redesign the Radio Drum control box for UVATT with the purpose of minimizing cost and size.
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