Client and Manager

Manager monitors the micro controller, Classic Ladder, web manager, and client. When one component changes, manager makes the necessary changes to the other components. The components include a modbus TCP module (for Classic Ladder), serial module (for microcontrollers), and a MySQL database module (for webmanager).

Client is the graphical user interface which uses Qt libraries. It contains all application specific code and controls the system through manager. This software is all written in Ruby.

Screenshot of client:

Classic Ladder

Classic Ladder is an open source application which is used to perform the control logic for different applications. It has a graphical interface making it simple to use and reprogram.

Classic Ladder allows our project to compare with expensive PLC solutions.


Web Manager

Web manager is a web application. It provides a secure interface by using Apache 2 with mod_ssl. The application was written in Ruby, and makes use of a MySQL database. The web interface is compatible with all browsers.

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