Today’s roads are becoming increasingly dangerous especially in big cities. Part of this can be attributed to the increased use of cell phones on the road. In fact, the American Automobile Association reports that cell phone usage in vehicles contributes to up to one half of all crashes reported in the US annually.

The problem is expected to worsen if no changes are made to the way phone calls are handled in a vehicle. Cell phone usage is expected to increase in North America where the market is not fully saturated as of yet.

On any given day, a driver must be able to respond quickly to constantly changing road conditions. If a driver takes his/her eyes off the road or his/her hands away from the wheel, they are putting themselves and other drivers at risk. In spite of this, people take their attention away from traffic to search for and answer cell phone calls.

Embedvision is currently looking into a solution for this using Bluetooth integration into current automobiles. There were initially two possibilities that Embedvision was considering, either using an SDK or adapting the automobiles onboard computer to be detected as a headset. Please follow the links below for more information

Bluetooth SDK Implementation
Bluetooth Headset Implementation

However these two methods were abandoned in favor of a third. Please refer to the link below for more information regarding the implemented BVIC system.

Bluetooth Vehicle Integrated Computer