Bluetooth Headset Implementation

If an existing Bluetooth headset were to be used in the implementation, it would be modified to interface directly with a car PC through the PC’s audio and USB ports. Such an implementation would mean that features such as caller ID and phone book retrieval could not be implemented due to the dependence on an embedded software package. This would also mean that additional circuitry and I/O port programming would be necessary for the system. Signals from the indicator LEDs, and the answer/hang-up buttons on the unit would be controlled through an I/O port on the PC. Some of the additional circuitry that would be required includes: audio amplifiers, dc-dc converters and parallel to serial converters. Although this would increase the hardware development time, using such an implementation would speed up software development significantly because it would take advantage of the software embedded within the headset to control the low level functionality of the unit. The figure below gives an example of how this implementation could be realized.