A design was drafted in AutoDesk Inventor after the decision to create a six legged walking robot with two degrees of freedom per leg was made. Since the design required six legs a total of 12 servo motors were used. Each leg was designed to use two servo motors. The first motor drives a hip joint giving front to back motion.  The second motor drives a knee joint creating an up and down motion. The twelve motors were grouped into six legs labeled A through F and numbered as below.

The knee and hip joints are connected to the servo motors by use of linkages. The linkages are connected with a pin to a plastic disk mounted to the shaft of the motor.  The rotation of the disks, spacing of the joints and the placement of the holes were all calculated to create a desired motion of the legs.  This is what made inventor such a useful tool. By simply changing the design parameters in the software we were able to ensure the motion of the system worked as required. The design created in Inventor is below.

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