Versatile and Scalable

The system can manage any number of circuits; simply set the dial on the back of modules to indicate different circuits.
Each circuit can have any number of devices! Devices can be removed or added at any time.

Plug and Play

The system requires NO training or programming for the user. Simply select the devices causing problems and put the Happy Plug modules between the device and the outlet.

Save Thousands!

The average cost to rewire a Canadian house is $6000. The cost for an average Happy Plug setup is only $195. Thats over $5800 in savings. MORE THAN FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS IN SAVINGS!!!!!

Happy Plug - What is it?

Plugs that enable you to use your electrical outlets the way you want to, without overloading the circuit.

These days’ houses are built with several different circuits to run various high powered appliances. Each of these circuits has a dedicated circuit breaker that protects against current overload; when the current or load in the circuit exceeds a certain maximum, typically 15 Amps or 20 Amps, the circuit breaker (or circuit switch) will trip or turn off automatically to protect the wiring from overheating and potentially causing a fire.

As a cost effective alternative to rewiring a house, Happy Plug is a system that wirelessly controls the number of devices connected to circuit at any given time. It will automatically schedule automatic devices, ensuring each device gets time, while also providing the convenience of allowing the user to use any manual/priority devices without a second thought.


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