Example Use Case of the Happy Plug System

Scenario: You live in a relatively old home. You have two heaters heating two separate rooms but their outlets are on the same circuit. Additionally you have a microwave that is also on this circuit.

Problem: If you ever have more than one device on, the circuit breaker is likely to trip.

Happy Plug Solution: You would need one of each device type (coordinator, secondary, priority). One heater would get the coordinator, the other heater gets the secondary. The microwave has the priority module plugged in.
Once the system is up and running, the coordinator will begin by turning one heater on. After a specified amount of time, it will turn that heater off and turn on the other heater. This switching will continue until the microwave is used, ensuring that your two rooms receive sufficient heat.
Whenever you use your microwave, a signal gets sent to the Coordinator which will signal to turn off which ever heater is currently on. Once you're done with the microwave, the heater will come back on and continue switching.

Circuit Example


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