Maelstrom Team Members:

Colin Patch

Colin is a fourth year electrical engineering student who enjoys watching paint dry and long walks at sunset.

Colin was born in Kamloops and was intelligent enough to move away from the dustbowl and into the (previously) rabbit infested swamp land called UVic. There he shall remain until he defeats the evil final examinations of the engineering program.

In addition to his charming personality, Colin will do almost anything for the right price!

Chris Millward

Chris is a fourth year computer systems engineering student.

Born and raised in the quaint little town of Campbell River, Chris made his journey down to the city of Victoria after highschool graduation. With nothing more than his brilliant mind, rugged good looks, and modest attitude, he made his way to the University of Victoria. On arrival, he entered into the vast unknowns of the Faculty of Engineering, where there awaits dangers unbeknownst to even the most experienced Jedi Master or Starship Captain.

When Chris is not vanquishing the deadly unknowns, he enjoys the great pleasures in life, such as music, the internet, distinguished ladies, and long walks on the beach.

Jon Kelly


Dr. Bruce Gooch - Supervisor

Dr. Bruce Gooch is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Victoria in British Columbia Canada. He is an author of the books Non-Photorealistic Rendering with Dr. Amy Gooch and the upcoming Illustrative Graphics and Visualization with Dr. Amy Gooch of the University of Victoria and Dr. Mario Costa Sousa of the University of Calgary. Both books published by A.K. Peters.


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