Uses of Interface

Packages that use AnalysisEngine
analysis Provides the classes needed to perform the analysis and extraction of Pages. 

Uses of AnalysisEngine in analysis

Classes in analysis that implement AnalysisEngine
 class DictionaryAnalysisEngine
          This class does the dictionary analysis of the text on the page.
 class KeywordAnalysisEngine
          The KeywordAnalysisEngine will Analysis the text extracted from the page for instances of the search terms inputed.

Methods in analysis that return AnalysisEngine
 AnalysisEngine AnalysisResult.getAnalysisMethod()

Methods in analysis with parameters of type AnalysisEngine
 void AnalysisResult.setAnalysisMethod(AnalysisEngine analysisEngine)

Constructors in analysis with parameters of type AnalysisEngine
AnalysisResult(AnalysisEngine methodUsed, Page thisPage)
          Constructor for the AnalysisResult

Constructor parameters in analysis with type arguments of type AnalysisEngine
AnalysisManager(java.util.ArrayList<AnalysisEngine> currentAnalysis, java.util.ArrayList<ExtractionEngine> currentExtraction)
          Constructor for the AnalysisManager, takes an ArrayList of Analysis Engines to use and an ArrayList of Extraction Engines to use.