The Problem


Internet searches today rely on data gathered from a large population to determine which results of a search are relevant. However, business users often have unique needs that are quite different from the source population. For example, a normal user searching for a company may be looking for an address or job opportunities. In contrast, a business user may be looking for recent press releases or new product announcements. The Business Intelligence Recommender (BIR) seeks to personalize comparison searches between companies. Rather than presenting what the majority of people wish to see, such as stock price, product line, etc., the BIR analyzes your search terms and returns results that are relevant to you. In the initial version the BIR will be limited to news items about technology companies. These results will be sortable by either age or by the BIR's relevance calculation. The BIR is being designed with modularity and expandability as key goals. This will allow anyone to add new searching, analyzing, or sorting components.