ELEC 499 Group #9



The product enables video tracking of speakers in a conference room setting. The current speaker's direction is determined by audio triangulation using an array of two or three microphones. Both audio and video are sent though USB to a computer and then on through a network connection to the other end of the conference call.

The following design objectives were followed throughout the completion of this project
•Low Cost
•Portable and User Friendly
•Easily Deployed from Room to Room
•Usable with most VOIP clients like Skype


Project Updates

  1. March 25 - Project Completed. All requirements met.

  2. -Public presentation held in ELW lobby

  3. -Achieved third place for demonstration presentations

  4. Mar 22 - Full System Integration with Full Functionality

  5. Mar 20 - Triangulation algorithm implemented with MATLAB with full GUI

  6. Mar 15 - Integration of the Triangulation Algorithm with MQX

  7. Mar 11 - Both Preamp Circuits Completed and Integrated with the MQX

  8. Mar 5 - Full Functionality of Camera Completed

  9. Feb 29 - Programmed the ADC of the microcontroller

  10. Feb 20 - Preliminary Control Over Camera with the Microcontroller

    Feb 17 - Began Development of Triangulation Algorithm

  11. Feb 17 - Circuit Design Completed. Parts Ordered

  12. Feb 16 - Website Development Underway

  13. Feb 15 - Revised Scope for Project - Hardware Based

  14. Jan 16 - Meeting with Dr. Pan about the Skype API

  15. Jan 8 - Intensive Market Research Commences

ELEC 499

Project Stats


Phase Shifted Signal from the Microphone Array