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499 Design Project | University of Victoria

Stephen Lau

Stephen is a Computer Technologist in his fourth year of Computer Engineering at the University of Victoria. He enjoys traveling and hopes to continue his travels after his academic career. Graduating in 2011, he looks forward to starting his career at Reasearch In Motion.

Email :lausl@uvic.ca

Kylee Lothrop

Kylee is a Electrical Technologist in her fourth year of Electrical Engineering at the University of Victoria. An avid synchronized swimmer, Kylee also enjoys the outdoors and exploring all that nature has to offer. Graduating in 2011, she will begin her engineering career immediately at Quester Tangent.

Email :klothrop@uvic.ca

Ethan Gill

Ethan is a Computer Technologist currently in his fourth year of Computer Engineering at the University of Victoria. Having been exposed to embedded systems in aviation while on coop at Viking Air Limited, he hopes to continue working and developing his skills in aviation after graduation. He's an avid golfer and also enjoys exploring the wilderness in his jeep.

Email :ethang@uvic.ca

Project Supervisor: Dr. Kin Fun Li
Coordinator for Design Project and Technical Project Courses CENG/ELEC/SENG 499

Email :kinli@uvic.ca@uvic.ca
Website : http://www.ece.uvic.ca/~kinli/

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Long Hours Testing Kinect Hardware Breakdown
Testing Setup 3-D Plot Call The Ambulance!

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