Design Project


2013 499 Spring Design/Technical Projects Information

Group 1: Garden Protection System

Personnel: Matthew Bell, Mark Sutherland, Cameron Ballard
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Kin Fun Li

Group 2: Wireless Electrocardiogram

Personnel: Patrick Cousineau, Brian Richter, Michael Atkinson, James Hollinger, Chris Rennie
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Jens Weber

Group 3: Radio-Tracking Camera Gimbal

Personnel: Carl Stubens, Mike Anderson, Nathan Willson, Drew Harris
Faculty Supervisor: Dr Xiaodai Dong

Group 4: Compact and Lightweight Generator for a Pico-Hydro Turbine

Personnel: Jakub Hlavon, Edward Coolin, Nathan Baker, Devin Palmer-Stone
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Subhasis Nandi

Group 5: Android GPS Game

Personnel: Nick Phura, Kelvin Lacy, Wes Paul, Paul Wardell, Rob Hole
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Michael McGuire

Group 6: Solid-state Reconfigurable Antenna

Personnel: Bernard Lambrechts, Jorrah Bargeron
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Jens Bornemann

Group 7: Thermocouple to CAN Converter Module

Personnel: Kevin Turner, Eric McVeigh, Jonathan Valeza, Luis Herrera
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Harry Kwok

Group 8: Object Detection and Mapping of an Outdoor Field for UVic IGVT

Personnel: Kazu Arai, Rudolf Erasmus, Cameron Smith, Jeff Johnson
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Colin Bradley and Dr. Alexandra Branzan Albu

Group 9: Awesome Kart

Personnel: Daniel Conti, Jeremy Mohr, Ryan Petty
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Amy Gooch

Group 10: Spatial Sound Synthesis

Personnel: Carissa Ouellette, Sean Cunningham, Matt Holland, Peter Sherk
Faculty Supervisor:

Group 11: Driving Habits Recorder

Personnel: Matthew Collin, Dave Simpson, Nicholas Turner, Saeid Nassaji
Faculty Supervisor: Tim Pelton

Group 12: Current Measurement with Microprocessor and CAN Transceiver

Personnel: Jason Jubinville, Neil Hindle, Brayden MacDonald, Allen Houle
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Fayez Gebali

Group 13: Smart Bus Stop

Personnel: Andria Farnharn, Guo Xiaoya, Lara Juras, Jason Castor, Bain Syrowik
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Fayez Gebali, Dr. Kin Li, Dr. McGuire

Group 14: SMART Panel: Electricity Consumption Monitoring System

Personnel: James Boileau, Quinton Calverley
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Tiedje

Group 15: Project Shuriken

Personnel: Aaron Edis
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Daler Rakhmatov

Group 16: NEPTUNE Educational Game Project

Personnel: Tom Gibson, Colton Philips, Michael Pattie
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Kin Fun Li

Group 17: PIC Controlled 3-Phase Induction Motor

Personnel: Marc Tardioli and Paul Bernard
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Sunbhasis Nandi

Group 18: Design of a Smart Bus System for Visually-Impaired Patrons

Personnel: Steve Chester, Dana Leslie, Doug Maclean, Herland Sims, Devin Smith
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Fayez Gebali

Group 19: Communication Bus for the UVic ECOSat

Personnel: Cass Hussmann, Justin Curran, Ian Rusk, and Kevin Klein
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Peter Diressen