Design Project



External supervisor / Sponsor: AXYS Technologies Inc.; contact: Reo Phillips - (Jan. 2014)

AT1 Compass Output Algorithm: Kalman Filter

Using a 6 degree of freedom motion sensor, implement a motion compensated algorithm to output real-time earth referenced magnetic compass readings. Implement code in C to run on an ARM Processor , test and validate performance and accuracy under both simulated and real-life motion tests.

Utilize the real-time output parameters for Acceleration, Rotational Rate and Magnetic Field on the X,Y and Z axis of an Inertial Sensor to obtain earth referenced Pitch, Roll and Yaw.

Sampling Frequency Range: 1.0 - 102.5 Hz
Pitch/Roll/Yaw Accuracy: < 0.5 deg
Motion Frequency Range: 0.025 - 2.0 Hz