Design Project



Supervisor: Rishi Gupta,

G1 Sensor monitoring

Project Description

There are many Engineering applications where sensors are installed to monitor their performance. Understanding the change in the behavior of structures can lead to early detection of failures resulting in prevention of loss of life and injury. The proposed project involves capturing data produced from sensors installed on a Civil Engineering structure (real structure in service). This data (usually electrical signals) needs to be recorded and transmitted wirelessly to a database. The captured data then needs to be made available to the client using a web interface

In this project the students will be required to design a database to capture data in a database, analyze the data, set-up event detection parameters and display the data in real time using a web interface.

Hardware/Software Requirements

A computer/server will be required to host the data. Sensors access to the sensors etc will be provided by the Dr. Rishi Gupta.

Programming Language

Students can decide.