Design Project



Supervisor: J. Pan, CSc, Pan@UVic.CA

I am willing to supervise student projects in the area of computer networks and distributed systems. Students are encouraged to propose their own projects, and some of the possible projects are listed below and constantly updated at

JP1 Multimedia Streaming over Multipath Networks

Multimedia streaming and interactive applications have become more and more popular in the last few years; however, multimedia streaming over the Internet still faces many technical challenges such as limited bandwidth in access networks, network congestion between service providers, and quality degradation due to user mobility or network impairments. This project tries to explore the multipath nature of the Internet, and experiments multipath multimedia streaming over a heterogeneous testbed network. The testbed network features Ethernet, phoneline, cableline, powerline and various wireless communication technologies, and emulates a realistic networking environment for IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) in-home distribution and other digital entertainment applications.

JP2 Scalable Distributed Network Measurement

The Internet has become the largest, most complex distributed systems that human beings have ever built. To understand, diagnose and further improve such a system, we first need to measure the system in a meaningful way. Supported by UVic Network Services, we are deploying a distributed network measurement platform on the UVic Campus Network (UVicNet). The goal of this project is to measure network traffic at different locations at the same time to produce traffic matrix (the amount of traffic between these locations) in a realtime fashion. The traffic matrix and its temporal and spatial dynamics can be used for traffic engineering, performance diagnosis, and early detection of network anomalies such as worm outbreaks and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. The traffic is only observed at a very aggregated level, and through anonymizing, hashing, sampling and digesting, user privacy and information security are still well preserved in a production network.

JPKW1 (Co-Supervisor: K. Wu) Cooperative Internet Access

This project extends and improves a prototype mesh network for users to share their Internet access with incentive and security mechanisms and multi-hop networking and multiple wireless communication technologies. The project involves Nokia Internet Table N810, Maemo, Linksys WRT54GL and OpenWRT, with ad hoc WiFi, Bluetooth and USB networking. Please contact the supervisors for details.