Design Project



Supervisor: Lin Cai, (May 2009)

I am willing to supervise any project related to wireless networking. The projects will be conducted in groups of 2-4 persons. Prerequisites include basic knowledge of computer networks. For details please contact me.

LC1 Broadband home network for triple play services

Future Internet can provide integrated IP Television (IPTV)/Video on demand (VoD), voice, and data, so-called triple-play services. A major challenge is the last-meter connectivity in the consumer's home for high data rate applications. This project is aimed to provide tangible solutions for future broadband home networks. Adapters using different state-of-the-art wireless and wired (powerline, phoneline, co-ax cable, etc.) communication technologies are available in our lab. How to creatively combine these technologies for in-home traffic distribution to ensure quality and security is still an open area. The resulting design solutions will be highly demanded by both communications and consumer electronics industry.

LC2 Building a Software-Defined Radio

Can we have a single mobile device which can access many types of wireless networks (WiFi, 3G cellular, bluetooth, ...) from anywhere (whether in North American or other parts of world)? With the Software-Defined radio (SDR) technologies, the answer is Yes. In SDR systems, radio communication components, such as mixers, filters, amplifiers, etc are implemented in software instead of hardware, which allow us to take an easy control of them by a PC through a USB cable. This project will utilize the Universal Software Radio Peripheral products (provided by the supervisor) to create a software radio using linux computers. By undertaking this project, the students will gain a unique experience with the wireless technologies of tomorrow. For details about the project, please contact Dr. Lin Cai (