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Supervisor: Pan Agathoklis, (March 24, 2014)

PA1 Contact Supervisor for projects in the areas of control, signal processing, image and video processing

PA2 Next Generation Thermostat for Demand Response

Background: The integration of renewable energy sources in the electric grid is one of the primary routes for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Demand response (DR) is the ability of electricity users to change energy consumption when the supply of renewable resources changes. DR is vital to GHG emissions goals but poses many challenges. A major component of the next generation of demand response systems is likely to include residential heating, ventilating and cooling control systems that are integrated in retail energy market operations. As part of ongoing modelling and field demonstration projects, control strategies for building heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems will require the development of new thermostats.
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Objectives: The project will focus on the development of a next-generation residential thermostat that is capable of integrating and automating the response of home heating/cooling equipment into a new class of market-based retail electricity distribution operation. This thermostat will include conventional control strategies and communication technologies found in today's modern home energy management systems. In addition it will include a new class of capability that will enable it to interact with retail electricity market markets on behalf of home occupants based on a set of preferences provided by them.

Expected Outcomes: The student will be expected to work on the development of a thermostat that includes multiple temperature and humidity sensors; relay actuators and wireless communications for sending status information and receiving setting inputs from a remote home energy management application, and communicating bid and price information with a retail electricity market.


David Chassin, PNNL
Pan Agathoklis, ECE
Ned Djilali, MEng