Design Project



Supervisor: Poman P.M. So, (April 19, 2013)

Projects in Computational Electromagnetics

PS1 Electromagnetic Field Simulator for Engineering Education

The proliferation of high-frequency wireless electronic devices in the last two decades was made possible by the availability of computer aided design (CAD) software tools. Designing these devices requires using one or more computational electromagnetics (CEM) modules to analyze the electromagnetic (EM) behaviour of the designed structures. It is thus desirable to give engineering students an early access to EM field modeling tools. This is not yet feasible due to the high cost of CAD software packages. Students engaged in this project will participate in the development of an EM field simulator suitable for distribution with introductory engineering electromagnetics textbooks. Students interested in object-oriented algorithm design and development are mostly suitable for this project. Knowledge in electromagnetic field theory (covered in ELEC 216 and 340) and hands-on programming experience in C++, OpenGL, and Qt are assets to this project.