Design Project



Supervisor: Reuven Gordon, (November 22, 2012)

Interested in supervising projects related to optics and photonics. Example past projects I have supervised: "IR laser pointer mouse", "Solar energy concentrators". Potential future projects: "Ultrafast optical autocorrelator for measuring femtosecond pulses", "High speed, low noise data acquisition of optical signal". Contact Dr. Gordon early in the term for further details.

RG1 Front-end to Electromagnetics Simulation

This project will provide a GUI front-end to an existing open-source script-based electromagnetics simulation capability (MEEP). 3 Students should have strong interest in programming and applications.

RG2 Microwell plate probe station

Students will design, build, interface an automated x-y-z microwell plate positioner for a Raman fiber probe station. Hardware will be provided. 3 Students.