Design Project



Supervisor: Alex Thomo, (May 13, 2016)

Alex Thomo is a faculty member in the Computer Science Department here at UVic, specializing in Databases and Data Mining.

The following three projects are to be worked in close collaboration with Alex Batko (, a resident of Victoria, and a startup founder with a B.Sc. in computer science from McGill University.

Prerequisites: This is a unique opportunity for students who seek early exposure to real world projects, but as such, students must be at least at the 400-level, having completed essentials like Algorithms, Data Structures, and Database Systems. Depending on any given project, students should also have completed courses in: Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Human-Computer Interaction, etc.

AT1 Medical Dosing App

Imagine having to take several medicines, many times each day, with varying doses and other considerations. Wouldn't it be nice to have a "dosing buddy" that helps you track your intake of medicine, and alerts and reminds you (perhaps with important tips like "take with food")? Also, if you are presenting side-effects, wouldn't it be nice to know which of your medications may have caused them? Furthermore, for the times you are sick or have a disease, wouldn't it be nice to know what "alternative" medicines might actually work for you? Answers to the first two questions of this project will involve Human-Computer Interaction and Data Management and Visualization. Answering the third question will involve Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence.

AT2 Music Streaming App

The future of digital entertainment is based in streaming. There are at least a couple dozen on-demand music streaming services, including offerings from Apple, Amazon, Google, SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube, yet there is actually a gaping hole: the music app that transcends them all. This project aims to create the best music streaming app imaginable, one that includes discovery and sharing as core features. This is a project for students wanting to explore working with APIs, and even design a RESTful API and code against it. This project involves Human-Computer Interaction.

AT3 Grocery List App

Have you thought about how much time and energy you waste creating grocery lists, and chasing your items in the random order your wrote them in (or re-reading the list practically as many times as the number of items on your list)? And you know that annoying moment (however frequent or rare) when you realize that there is no food in the fridge, and you have to make a more comprehensive grocery list? Or, perhaps you don't have that problem because you generate your list as you run out of things... but then don't you still end up with a pretty random list? Imagine developing an app that changes the way people create shopping lists, and even shop for groceries - forever. This could seriously become the last shopping app ever created. Phase one of this project involves designing and developing an application for "manual list building", thus it requires Human-Computer Interaction. Phase two will involve "automated list building" via Artificial Intelligence. And Phase three will take the Artificial Intelligence a step further by enabling "discovery".