Design Project



Supervisor: Jens Weber, (Dec. 2011)

JW1 An Augmented Reality-based Personal Drug Safety App

A significant number of adverse events (safety incidents) in health care are due to patients taking drugs that adverse interact with other drugs they are taking or that are contraindicated based on the patients medical profile (e.g., allergies and other active medical conditions). Objective of this project is to develop a smartphone app (either iPhone or Android based) to aid patients in selecting safe drugs. The application should use the smart phone's camera and an augmented reality (AR) paradigm to recognize the drug under consideration and display important personalized safety information to the patient. The app can interface to a personal health record (PHR) system (such as myOSCAR or HealthVault) to find out about a patients current medications and medical condition. The app can also interface to a software service containing drug interaction information and warnings (such as For more information, please contact Dr. Weber.

JW2 A FitBit App to Motivate Healthy Living

The FitBit is one of many consumer devices available on the market to help people to stay healthy. It tracks movement and calories burned. Objective of this project is to create a new app for fitbit that encourages healthy living. This could be, for example, in form of a game (targeting youth or adults), an automatic dinner planner that takes into account the movement history during the day, an innovative integration of the fitbit with another type of personal health device, or smartphone app, or something similar. For more information, check out and contact Dr. Weber.

JW3 Other projects

I am generally interested in projects related to software engineering, security, safety and health informatics. Contact me if you have proposals in these areas.