Design Project



Supervisor: Xiaodai Dong, (April 16, 2015)

XD1 Smart Home

In a smart home, one can control and monitor various devices such as lights, thermostats, appliances, security systems, etc., through mobile phone apps or web apps. Students can choose to design a smart hub that controls a few gadgets, or individual smart devices such as smart power plug, smart lock, smart thermostat, smart LED, etc. This project will involve hardware design, firmware design and app development.

XD2 Real Time Wireless ECG

The objective of the project is to design a wireless personal ECG monitoring system that is capable of recording and transmitting a patient's ECG sensor signal wirelessly in real time to his/her smartphone and further to a monitoring center. The system consists of two parts: a band-aid like disposable ECG sensor with Bluetooth low energy transmitter wearable by a patient, and a smartphone application that enables the receiving of the ECG signal through its Bluetooth device, performs ECG analysis and retransmits the ECG data through cellular network to doctors, family members, monitoring centers, etc. The ECG sensor/transmitter development involves hardware and circuit board design, while the smartphone application development involves mainly software and digital signal processing. Partial completion of the project or initial demo of concepts is fine. Interested students please contact Prof. Xiaodai Dong at, 250-721-6029.

I am willing to supervise other wireless projects related to the applications of the bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID, etc., technologies.