Seng522: Seminar Requirements and Guidelines

As part of their course assignment, SENG522 students are expected to make a presentation on software architecture related
topics and submit a corresponding report. Appropriate documentation can be found on the Internet or in the library.
The overall assignment worth 10% of the final grade. Each presentation will last 40min (30 min presentation-10min questions).
The report (5 pages-firm) must be submitted both in hard-copy and electronically by file attachment at
The presentation and the report count each for half of the mark. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
Students must choose their topics and book presentation dates by sending me an email (first come, first serve...)

Important Dates
Deadline for report submission: July 18th

Presentation dates
 - July 19th: 1 presentation

- July 21st: 1 presentations

Available topics
The following topics are available:
1.Real-time architecture design
2.Fault-tolerant architecture design
3. User interface design
4. Integration of legacy systems in software architecture
5. Embedded software architecture design
6. Secure software architecture design
7. Version-control and configuration management (VCCM)
8. Project management (PM) and software architecture

For topics 1-6, the following aspects must be covered:
- Background and Rationale
- Architecture design constraints and issues
- Architecture design strategies
- Example of generic architectures
- Perspectives

For topics 7, the following aspects must be covered:
- Background and rationale
- VCCM approaches and tools
- Role and usage of VCCM in software architecture design
- Perspectives

For topics 8, the following aspects must be covered:
- Background and rationale
- PM approaches and tools
- Interactions between PM and software architecture design
- Perspectives