Modern society has become intrinsically dependent on large-scale distributed information and networking systems. These systems’ availability, reliability, dependability, security, and privacy, all lend support to many core societal needs including: critical utility infrastructure, finance and banking, health services, production and manufacturing, leisure and entertainment, and e-Government. Improving our ability to engineer such systems requires a good understanding of how they behave at-scale in the real world. Unfortunately, resource constraints have generally restricted research from pursuing such evaluation and testing work. Recently, test beds in the order of 100-node have become relatively commmonplace, and combined with the development of larger-scale platforms such as EmuLab and DETER, they have advanced our knowledge considerably.

Following the success of QuEST09 in Bradford UK and QuEST10 in Perth Australia, this workshop focuses on the issues, requirements, and tools to support real-world representative at-scale testing, and results obtained through such testing efforts. Statistically representative quantitative measures and evaluations required for the development and assessment of large-scale systems and applications are of particular interest. Original research works addressing the state-of-the-art large-scale system testing, evaluation and behavioural prediction are solicited in the following areas (but not limited to):

  • Test bed development
  • Measurement and instrumentation tool development
  • In situ system testing
  • Real-world system modeling
  • Real-world application characterization
  • Real-world system emulation
  • Real-world case studies
  • Cyber security
  • Workload and traffic generation
  • Distributed system dependability, scalability, and capacity
  • Network engineering design
  • Large-scale engineering, scientific and data-intensive algorithms

Accepted papers will be published by the Conference Publishing Services (CPS) and archived in the Digital Library.

Extended version of selected papers will be considered for publication in several journals.