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Bicycle Trip Across Canada (Victoria BC to St. John's Newfoundland)

I've always wanted to ride my bicycle across Canada.  It was a pipe dream of mine that I held close and only occasionally shared with close friends.  I was given the opportunity to cycle across the country during the summer of 2008.  During this summer, a buddy (Ludovic Clavier) and I rode 6,700 Kms to reach St. John's, Newfoundland from Victoria, British Columbia in 57 days.  We did this completely unassisted and on our own terms;  we did it because we wanted to. It has enriched my soul and has reinforced in me, comfort with the unknown.  Each morning we would cycle roughly 140 Kms without knowing where we would end our day-- where we would sleep, who we would meet, and if it would rain.  This adventure has improved my penchant for perseverance.  It has given me personal strength-- physical and mental.  It has also invigorated my sense of community, and positive outlook on the future. 

We collected some statistics that describe our speed (Km/hr) for each day of the trip.  This information is provided in our blog  along with some description of routes.

I met many wonderful people while my buddy and I sat outside a Save On Foods, Overwaitea SafeWay , or other grocery store a few times a week while eating our freshly purchased food.  Each night when we slept at a campground fellow campers offered us beverages in exchange for good company and stories.  These Canadians living in other parts of the country entertained us with their stories of festivals, train derailments, cultural peculiarities, and outdoor adventures.  This provided me with the opportunity to re-connect with people after having spent many solitary hours working on my PhD research. 

This was one of the most wonderful adventures in my life and I highly recommend such a trip for anyone who dares to dream big. I have given slide-show presentations of this trip and I am happy to given them again if you are interested in hosting a talk.  I've posted some information in the format of a rough picture blog:, Videos: On YouTube


My Profession

If you're interested in learning about the brain activity analysis (brain scans) or eye-tracking research that I do, defintely explore the links below.  I'm in the process of making this my livelihood so if you know of anyone who is looking for someone with my skills, pass my name along.


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In 2004 I did a foot race called "The Great Walk".  It's a 63.5 Km distance along logging roads on Vancouver Island between Tasis and Gold River.  This was my first big foot race and it is something I hope to do again in the future.  For the distance, my time was approximatly 8.5 hours.  Through the course, drinks, cookies, and sandwiches were provided to support people like myself who were travelling as light as possible.  When I completed the course, I walked around for a bit to watch other people completing the race. However, after about 2 hours, I fell asleep on the floor of a gymnasium provided to shelter racers after finishing the race.  I awoke the next day about about 7:30 am wondering where everyone had gone.

A pipe dream of mine (that will probably one day come true) is to do the Gobi Desert March  I have heard quite a bit about people in Victoria training for this race and I have to admint that I am intrigued....

Climb Kilimanjaro September 2011

Approximately 6 months ago I was invited to join some other men on a trip to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and my immediate response was, "hell ya!".  At the time and had no idea how I would manage my prior commitments but my gut told me that to not go given this opportunity landing in my lap would be a tragedy. How could I pass up the opportunity to travel the highest altitude I've ever experienced with two feet on the ground?

I've since come to know the other men who will be on this expedition. We make up a bit of a motley crew: myself a scientist and designer, a well-seasons sales person (Rick Armor), an auto mechanic (Mike Bocsik), an investment and real estate specialist (Gord Knox), and a genius in his own right (Michael MacDonald).

We have created a  Facebook page:

The company we have booked with is:

Currently, I'm in preparation for a high-altitude experience: cardio exercise including running and cycling, swiming, and yoga. In theory, I shall be in very good physical condition for this journey.

I have started a new blog at the site: 

Eye-Care Work in Belize

I was recently given the opportunity to travel to Belize with a group of optometrists and others associated with the Lion's Club to provide both eye-health services and vision correction services to the local people.  While there are already organizations that provide vision-related services, Belize is a developing country and they can use all the help, education, and incentive that other countries and organizations can provide.  (There are of course other philosophies and politics around this.  Our objective was simply to provide people who can't see, with vision, and prevent vision loss where possible.)  We were fed and housed by the Lion's Club and looked after by officials in the Belizean government.  Each day we were visited by approximately 170 people.  We provided services in both Punta Gorda (in our first week) and in Belize city (in our second week).  This was an incredibly rewarding trip and I enjoyed everyone we encountered: the people from Canada with whom we worked, the patients themselves, and the supporters of the cause in Belize. I want to thank everyone involved and say that I wish to continue this sort of work in the future. 

Office Space

While the first part of the development of MOST-EEG for analyzing brain activity and our eye-tracking work was conducted at the University of Victoria, continued development has been taking place in an office space in down-town Victoria.  I want to acknowledge Ross Dunn and his Web Marketing Company for providing this to me in-kind.  The relationship has actually be very benificial as we have been given the opportunity to work together and learn from each other.  They have given me advice for marketing this web site (which I haven't entirely followed due to my own time constraints) and I have provided them with insight into new types of web site behavioral analysis and web site Behavioral Interactoin Optimization.


It is easy to learn to sail in Victoria.  About 10 years ago I started showing up at Royal Victoria Yacht Club on Wednesday nights to see if anyone needed any extra crew for those days where the wind was extra strong or the standard crew didn't show up. (On Wednesday nights, the club does their yacht races.)  Fortunately, this happended frequently enough that I was eventually taken on as a 'regular'.  The best part is that if you have the nerves to face the cold and a cursing skipper, you can essentially learn to sail for free.

After some time spent as 'movable ballast', hanging my legs off the windward side of the boat, I eventually moved up to a position on the foredeck.  My job entailed changing sails, managing the pole, flying the 'chute', and dealing with the occasional emergency that I would sometimes inadvertently create.

Since then, I've become a litte more seasoned on the boat and I have taken more of a leadership role in sailing.  During my bicycle trip across Canada in the Summer of 2008, I had the fantastic experience of having complete control of the helm and sails of a boat on lake Huron.  Myself and the friend with whom I was traveling set up our camp for the evening at a yacht club in Blind River, Ontario.  At this yacht club we met a gentleman who recently purchased and restored a sailboat but who had little experience sailing.  Seizing the opportunity, I suggested that I could provide some tips and help rigg the boat up properly.  That evening we spent crusing the lake at about 7 knots, close-hauled, in the red-orange light of a setting sun.

This fall (October 2009) I joined the crew of a Martin 244 called "Le Cinq".  Le Cinq sails from the 'Jib Set Victoria' sailing club out of West Bay Marine Village, Victoria B.C.. Le Cinq's skipper is Yves Chartrand, a very experience retired navy officer who now races, and provides a variety of boat-related services in his spare time  This fall we're participating in the standard weekend sailboat racing series in Victoria.  We will be trying to sail with CFSA and also Turkey Head Sailing Association in the new year.  I'm hoping to become part of a crew to do the next Vancouver Island 360 race and the coming Victoria to Maui yacht race .