Nikitas Dimopoulos
Other Publications

8.       Agarwal, N. and N. J. Dimopoulos “Optimal FSMD Partitioning for low power” in K. Bertels et. al. (eds) The Future of Computing, essays in memory of Stamatis Vassiliadis Computer Engineering Laboratory TU Delft, 2007, pp. 1-11.

7.       Parra-Hernandez, R., and N.J. Dimopoulos. "Heuristic Approaches for solving the Multidimensional Knapsack Problem (MKP)" WSEAS Trans. on Systems Vol. 1, No. 2., pp. 248-253, Apr. 2002.

6.       Madden, J.C., "Taming the Rogue", Cablecaster, vol. 12, no. 3, pp. 48-56, March 2000.  (This article showcases the success of the diagnosis system we developed in detecting faults in cable television networks.  It reports on the experience by Rogers National Operations Centre (NOC) in using our system.  Cablecaster is published 12 times a year, serving Canada's cable and related industries, by the Southam Magazine Group).

5.       Persons, L., N.J. Dimopoulos, K.F. Li, E. Manning, C. Somers, A. Schoorl, N. Kourounakis, S. Neville, A. Watkins, R. Glendenning, B. Anderson, D. Vyfhuis, R. Kovalik, and J. Madden, "How Rogers Cable Systems improved network reliability with the University of Victoria expert network analyzer", presented at the 1999 Summer Cable Conference, Vail, CO, July 1999.  (Presentation given by L. Persons, Network Manager, Rogers Cable Systems.  It outlined the use of the diagnosis system developed by the authors in improving network reliability at Rogers.  The summer Cable Conference is the premier conference for the cable industry).

4.       Dimopoulos, N.J. and R.V. Patel, "A simple pattern recognition scheme based on neural network structures", in Proc. 2nd IASTED Int. Symp. on Robotics and Automation, Lugano, Switzerland, pp. 125-128, June 1983.

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