2011 IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on Communications, Computers and Signal Processing

August 23-26, 2011, University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C., Canada

Keynote: Dr. Livingston



Nigel Livingston was born and raised in London, UK and moved to Canada in 1977. He completed his Ph.D. (Biometeorology, the study of interactions between the atmosphere and living organisms) at UBC in 1986. Following three years at the University of Saskatchewan, he moved to Victoria in 1990 to take up a faculty position in the Department of Biology. In 1999, Nigel founded the University of Victoria Assistive Technology Team (UVATT). This was volunteer group that developed customized technologies that would help individuals with disabilities gain greater independence and an improved quality of life. Over time, UVATT evolved into a full-fledged program, CanAssist, that now has almost 30 full-time engineers and staff members and has engaged over 4500 students in its activities.

Outline of talk

Dr. Livingston will provide an overview of the CanAssist program, its vision and accomplishments. He will describe and demonstrate a range of technologies (hardware and software) that have been developed and delivered to thousands of users across the country and around the world