ELEC 484 - Audio Signal Processing

Assignment 1

Experimenting with Digital Audio Effects

Create a 15 second "sound collage" as a .wav file


  • Download all Matlab code from the textbook web site. In the directories for Chapters 1,8,9 there are .wav files as well as .m files
  • Download the audio editor Audacity from here.
  • Learn to use Audacity. To start:
  • Assemble a sequence of audio segments in one audio track, and use audio effects to modify them
  • Create a 15 second track which is "interesting"
  • Write a half page description of what you did.
  • Post links to your audio track and description on your course web site.
  • More detailed instructions are provided **here**. Marking will be partly objective (did you use the audio effects) and partly subjective (is the result "interesting").