ELEC 484 Assignment 5

Part 1

1.1. Implement  the squaring and cubing of a sine wave, and plot
the resulting time domain waveforms and spectra.  Use a sampling rate of 8 KHz and a sine wave at 1 KHz.  

1.2. Repeat for a sine wave at 2.5 KHz, and observe the aliasing.

1.3  Repeat 1.2 with sufficient oversampling to eliminate the aliasing.

Part 2 

Implement an example of overdrive, distortion and fuzz on a
unprocessed (more or less) guitar clip (or find your own guitar
clip).  Set the parameters to clearly distinguish between the 3 examples.

Part 3

Implement an exciter using the flute2.wav file, and compare to
simply increasing the treble with a shelving filter.

Part 4

Using the Toms Diner clip, create 5 stereo files with both L and R channels of equal amplitude but different delays.  
Prepare the 5 files with delays chosen so that the signal appears to come from 100% Left, 50% left, Center, 50% Right, 100% Right.  Specify the delays used in each case. Repeat
with channels of equal delay but different amplitudes.  Specify the amplitudes in each case.