ELEC 484 project 2005

Implement demos of most (if not all) items in one of
You will probably need to look at references in addition to the text. The text itself has an extensive
list of references.  In addition, a lot of relevant papers are published by the Audio Engineering Society (AES), available in the library in the CD-ROM area next to the reference desk on the computer next to #4. Other relevant papers are found in IEEE journals and conferences, available on the lEEE Xplore database via the library. The full text is available and can be searched by keyword. Other relevant journals and conferences are International Computer Music Conference, New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), Digital Audio Effects (DAFX), Computer Music Journal, Journal of New Music Research, Organized Sound, and Audio Engineering Society (AES).

For projects from chapters 6,7 or 8, refer to the section numbers
in the text.

Implementations may be in Matlab, Simulink, PD, other languages
or any combination.

Final report should include text section number (if applicable) for each demo, brief description of what is demonstrated and how it works, documented source code, audio files. Post on website.

Groups of 2 students recommended, individual work ok.

Please make final report entirely self-contained so that files can be listened to from within the document.  Do NOT make a web page that requires several separate documents to be downloaded.