Application - CUPE 4163 Specialist Instructional Positions

(Laboratory Instructors, Academic Assistants, Markers, Tutors)

If you have already submitted an application and would like to update it, but have lost the link that was emailed to you for making updates, please click here.

Personal Details


If study permit is not yet issued, leave the Expiry date blank. Present permit to the ECE Office upon arrival on campus.

Important Application Information

  • Eligibility - applicants must be registered full-time at UVic in a Master's or PhD academic program and be on campus at the start of term.
  • Selection criteria - qualifications and ability based on academic merit, related experience, career and/or pedagogical value of position to student, student preferences, and other sources of graduate financial support being received.
  • Priority - given to graduate students in accordance with the Department's Appointment Priority Policy (CUPE 4163 Collective Agreement, Article 13.02).

Selection of Applicants is anticipated approximately 3 to 4 weeks after the Closing Date of the posting. TA positions are not assigned to students who arrive later than the first week after the start of term. Applying for these positions does not guarantee that you will be appointed.

Non-Canadian applicants must hold a valid Study Permit or Permanent Resident card and will be required to submit the original of either document, if selected for employment.

Positions of Interest

Please list below, in order of preference, the positions for which you are applying (preference 1 to 5) by clicking on the Add button below. Please apply for positions with which you have good knowledge. Keep the list of preferences to 15 positions maximum. Preferences are honoured as much as possible but no guarantee.

Preference Course/Position/Section

Supporting Information

Supporting Documents

New supporting documents have a size limit of 10MB.

Study permit and Social Insurance Number (SIN) have to be submitted only if you have never been appointed as a teaching assistant (TA) at the University before. If your study permit and SIN will be expiring during the term of employment, Payroll may contact you to submit the renewed documents when hired. Skip attaching study permit and SIN number if a study permit has not been issued.

A curriculum vitae is required for first time applicants.

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