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  1. Zeeshan Ali Shahzad, MEng, Breast Cancer Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithms, Feb. 2024.
  2. Fatemeh Seifishahpar, MASc, Log Message Anomaly Detection using Positive and Unlabeled Learning, Jan. 2024.
  3. Muhammad Naveed Jokhio, MASc, StretchVADER – A Rule-based Technique to Improve Sentiment Intensity Detection using Stretched Words and Fine-Grained Sentiment Analysis, Jan. 2024.
  4. Mohammed Aly Abdrabou Hammouda, PhD, Physical Layer Authentication for Wireless Applications, Nov. 2023.
  5. Irfan Ali, MEng, COVID-19 Prediction Using Supervised Machine Learning, Jan. 2023.
  6. Abubaker Siddeeq, MASc, Malicious URL Detection using Machine Learning, Oct. 2022.
  7. Muhammad Ali Shaikh, MEng, Covid-19 Twitter Sentiment Analysis Using Machine Learning, Sep. 2022.
  8. Feifan Xing, MEng, A Hybrid Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Solving the 0-1 Knapsack Problem, Aug. 2022.
  9. Abdul Aleem Syed, MEng, Malicious URL Detection Using Machine Learning, Aug. 2022.
  10. Ghazale Behboud, MASc, Reducing Training Time in Text Visual Question Answering, Jun. 2022.
  11. Jonaki Medda, MEng, Construction of Systematic Binary Self-Complementary Codes, Apr. 2022.
  12. Maymoona Hayajneh, PhD, Secure And Efficient Wireless Communications in SWIPT-enabled Cooperative Networks, Mar. 2022.
  13. Sadiq Ali, MEng, Intrusion Detection Using the WEKA Machine Learning Tool, Dec. 2021.
  14. Nedaa Alhussien, PhD, Resource Allocation in Cellular Machine-to-Machine Networks, Nov. 2021.
  15. Ramin Sharifi, MASc, Improving Capsule Networks using Zero Skipping and Pruning, Oct. 2021.
  16. Shahin Almasi, MASc, Detection of Atrial Fibrillation in ECG Signals Using Machine Learning, Sep. 2021.
  17. Barath Rao Madela, MEng, Implementation of Binary and Ternary Convolutional Codes on an FPGA, Sep. 2021.
  18. Mohammed Adnan Adil, MEng, Facial Emotion Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks, Sep. 2021.
  19. Amrit Dash, MEng, Reliability Improvement of the Hydro One Distribution System using Pad-mount Transformers, Aug. 2021.
  20. Mahmoud Yehia Ahmed Mahmoud, PhD, Secure and Efficient Post-Quantum Cryptographic Digital Signature Algorithms, Aug. 2021.
  21. Amir Farzad, PhD, Log Message Anomaly Detection Using Machine Learning, Jun. 2021.
  22. Zain Ul Abdin, MEng, Protecting Integrity and Confidentiality of Network Traffic with Media Access Control Security (MACsec), Apr. 2021.
  23. Wenmeng Liu, MEng, Early Prediction of Battery Cycle Life Using Machine Learning, Jan. 2021.
  24. Mohamed Seifeldin Elsayed, PhD, Blockchain-based Containment of Computer Worms, Dec. 2020.
  25. Belal Ahmed, PhD, Detection and Localization of Forgeries in Digital Images, Dec. 2020.
  26. Babak Eskandarnejad, MASc, An Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Framework for the Smart Grid Using Neuro-fuzzy Reinforcement Learning, Sep. 2020.
  27. Shahbaz Ali, MEng, Performance Evaluation of IMAP and POP3 Protocols Using Optimized Network Engineering Tool (OPNET), Apr. 2020.
  28. Yasar Shahid Hussain, MEng, Network Intrusion Detection for Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks using Machine Learning Classification Techniques, Apr. 2020.
  29. Umer Khayyam Sh, MASc, Two Dimensional Cellular Automata and Pseudorandom Sequence Generation, Nov. 2019.
  30. Danh Huu Ho, PhD, Power Allocation and Cell Association in Cellular Networks, Aug. 2019.
  31. Muhammad Khizar Ansari, MASc, Construction of Ternary Convolutional Codes, Aug. 2019.
  32. Mostafa Kamal Kamel Elhoshy. PhD, Signal Processing Techniques for Modern Radar Systems, Aug. 2019.
  33. Mehran Amigh, MEng, Optimizing Distribution System Power Loss Using Behind-the-Meter Type 3 Generators, Jun. 2019.
  34. Mohammad Mehdi Khalili, MEng, Face Recognition Using Dictionary Learning Algorithms, May 2019.
  35. Mostafa Esmaeili, PhD, Application of Linear Block Codes in Cryptography, Mar. 2019.
  36. Babak Manouchehrinia, PhD, Modeling, Optimization and Environmental Assessment of Electrified Marine Vessels, Dec. 2018.
  37. Atousa Tangestanipour, MASc, Characterization of Vehicle Time Headway in Clear and Rainy Weather, Nov. 2018.
  38. Dhruvalkumar Maheshbhai Patel, MEng, Test Utility for Live and Online Testing of an Anti-Phishing Message Security System, Sep. 2018.
  39. Kamel Alrashedy, MSc, Predicting the Programming Language of Questions and Snippets of StackOverflow Using Natural Language Processing, Aug. 2018.
  40. Xinyu Fang, MASc, Power Line Communication Channel Models for Home Area Networks, Aug. 2018.
  41. Amir Andaliby Joghataie, MASc, Dynamic Sensor Deployment in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks Using Multi-Agent Krill Herd Algorithm, May 2018.
  42. Yunlong Shao, PhD, Precoding for MIMO Full-Duplex Relay Communication Systems, Apr. 2018.
  43. Manpreet Kaur, MEng, Geomagnetic Disturbance Characterization in the Hydro-Quebec Power System using AUTUMNX Data, Jan. 2018.
  44. Nagwa Shaghluf, MASc, Cooperative Spectrum Prediction for Improved Efficiency of Cognitive Radio Networks, Dec. 2017.
  45. Anand Shah, MEng, The Impact of New Meter Placement on Distribution System State Estimation, Dec. 2017.
  46. Maryam Behrouzinekoo, MEng, Advanced Encryption Standard Implementation on Field Programmable Gate Arrays, Dec. 2017.
  47. Ali Alwalid, MEng, Block Diagonalization Precoding and Signal Detection for Spatial Multiplexing MIMO Systems, Dec. 2017.
  48. Mahmoud Karem Abd El-Aziz, PhD, Ternary Coding and Triangular Modulation, Aug. 2017.
  49. Smarak Acharya, MASc, Cellular Automata Pseudorandom Sequence Generation, Aug. 2017.
  50. Syed Abid Ali Shah, MASc, A Macroscopic Traffic Flow Model for Adverse Weather Conditions, Mar. 2017.
  51. Assad Raza, MEng, Anomaly Detection Systems for Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, Feb. 2017.
  52. Morteza Rekab-Eslami, PhD (Isfahan University of Technology), Designing Linear Network Codes for Cyclic Networks, Mar. 2017.
  53. Peter Roland Squires, MEng, Visualizing DSP Concepts on the Web Using the R-Language Shiny Package, Feb. 2017.
  54. Shaham Sharifian, PhD, Signal Design for Multi-Way Relay Channels, 2016.
  55. Rabail Kazi, MEng, Evaluation of Machine Learning Classifiers for Phishing Detection, 2016.
  56. Ifeyinwa Asemota, MEng, Binary Self-Complementary Codes, 2016.
  57. Anoop Venkatamarana, MEng, Analysing Twitter Feeds to Predict Stock Movements, 2016.
  58. Xiaoxi Du, MEng, DV-Hop Localization Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks, 2016.
  59. Zawar Khan, PhD, Traffic Modelling for Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2016.
  60. Niko Rebenich, PhD, Counting Prime Polynomials and Measuring Complexity and Similarity of Information, 2016.
  61. Fahad Farhan Alruwaili, PhD, Information Security, Privacy, and Compliance Models for Cloud Computing Services, 2016.
  62. Ali Esmaeili, MASc, Linear Network Codes on Cyclic and Acyclic Networks, 2016.
  63. Jumah Ali Algallaf, MEng, Enumeration of Generalized Necklaces over Finite Fields, 2016.
  64. Abdullah Rehan, MEng, Utility Based Energy Conservation Program to Manage Commercial Plug Load, 2016.
  65. Saad Hafeez, MEng, Deep Packet Inspection using Snort, 2016.
  66. Ali Akbar, MEng, Fractional Power Control in LTE Networks, 2016.
  67. Atique Ahmed, MEng, Real-time Traffic Management in an RTP/RTCP Environment using CoDel and DRR, 2016.
  68. Manzoor Hussain Abro, MEng, Zone and Block Cluster Wireless Sensor Network Routing Protocols, 2016.
  69. Samer Moein, PhD, Systematic Analysis and Methodologies for Hardware Security, 2015.
  70. Mohamed Haroun, PhD, Secure Communications based on Chaotic Systems, 2015.
  71. Muhammad Usama Bin Aftab, MASc, A Hybrid Framework for Intrusion Detection in Wireless Mesh Networks, 2015.
  72. Adil Sulehri, MEng, On the Choice of Route, 2015.
  73. Hadi Momtazbaf, MEng, Effect of Geometry and Gate Voltage on the Conductance of an Ideal Strip of Graphene, 2015.
  74. Jahanzeb Kazi, MEng, Reducing Unnecessary Handovers between 3GPP and non-3GPP Systems, 2014.
  75. Pavan Dineshbhai Arora, MEng, Energy Monitoring, Analysis and Control with Internet of Things (IoT) for Home Automation, 2014.
  76. Rizwan Hemani, MEng, Enhanced Logo Matching and Recognition using Speeded Up Robust Features (SURF), 2014.
  77. Ankush Shrirao, MEng, Implementation of Robust Header Compression Algorithms, 2014.
  78. Ahmed Altamimi, PhD, On Message Fragmentation, Coding and Social Networking in Intermittently Connected Networks, 2014.
  79. Hannan Lohrasbipeydeh, PhD, Blind Received Signal Strength Difference Based Source Localization with System Parameter Error and Sensor Position Uncertainty, 2014.
  80. Saeed Mosayyebpour, PhD, Robust Single-Channel Speech Enhancement and Speaker Localization in Adverse Environments, 2014.
  81. Travis Danniels, MASc, Deblurring with Framelets in the Sparse Analysis Setting, 2013.
  82. Ning Wang, PhD, Cross-Layer Design for Cooperative Wireless Networking, 2013.
  83. Arash Ghayoori, MASc, Constructing Polar Codes Using Iterative Bit-Channel Upgrading, 2013.
  84. Karandhir Singh, MEng, Seamless Handover Authentication between E-UTRAN and Non-3GPP Access Networks, 2013.
  85. Anthony Shivakumar, MEng, Sensor Calibration and Attitude Determination using Kalman Filter on Quad Rotors, 2013.
  86. Yaju Jajeda, MEng, On-line Current Signature Analysis Utility for Fault Diagnosis of Three-Phase Machines, 2013.
  87. Jie He, MEng, Classification of Cyclic Codes over GF(11) and GF(13) up to Length 20, 2013.
  88. Yiyi Xu,MEng, Performance of the 3GPP Standard Turbo Codes, 2013.
  89. Liam Kiemele, MSc, Kfusion: Obtaining Modularity and Performance with Regards to General Purpose GPU Computing and Co-Processors, 2012.
  90. Behnam Hashemitabar, MASc, Physical Layer Network Coding for the Multi-way Relay Channel, 2012.
  91. Seyed Arash Sheikholeslam, MASc, Quantum Mechanics for Security Related Tasks, 2012.
  92. Yousry Abdel-Hamid, PhD, On Markov Modelling of Random Access in Communication Systems, 2012.
  93. Saamaan Pourtavakoli, MASc, Balancing Compressed Sequences, 2011.
  94. Yihai Zhang, PhD, Intercarrier Interference Reduction and Channel Estimation in OFDM Systems, 2011.
  95. Najmeh Khosrashahi, MASc, Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) Codes for Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Systems, 2011.
  96. Bojiang Ma, MASc, Power and Channel Allocation for Broadband Wireless Networks, 2011.
  97. Khalid Almuzaini, PhD, Time Synchronization and Localization in Wireless Networks, 2011.
  98. Zabnan Al Dossary, MEng, Performance of Low Density Parity Check Codes in Fading Channels, 2011.
  99. Ahmed Altamimi, MASc, On Routing Protocols for Mobile Social Networks, 2010.
  100. Saleh Almowuena, MASc, Key Establishment for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Third Parties, 2010.
  101. Carlos Quiroz-Perez, MASc, An Energy Efficient Dynamic Directional Power Control Protocol for Ad hoc Networks, 2010.
  102. Behzad Bahr-Hosseini, MASc, Performance of Orthogonal and Non-Orthogonal TH-PPM for Multi-User UWB Communication Systems, 2009.
  103. Abolfazl Ghassemi, PhD, IFFT-Based Techniques for Peak Power Reduction in OFDM Communication Systems, 2008.
  104. Fengdan Wan, MASc, Traffic Modeling and Performance Analysis for IPTV Systems, 2008.
  105. Xiao Liang, MASc, On Wireless Sensor Networks, 2008.
  106. Shiva Kumar Planjery, MASc, Design of Rate-Compatible Punctured Repeat Accumulate Codes, 2007.
  107. Mo-Han Fong, PhD, Medium Access Control for Beyond Third Generation Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, 2006.
  108. Ubolthip Sethakaset, PhD, Modulation and Coding Techniques for Infrared Wireless Local Area Networks, 2006.
  109. Hanfeng Chen, MASc, Performance of Ultra-Wideband Communication Systems using DS-SS PPM with BCH Coding, 2006.
  110. Yongsheng Shi, MASc, An Energy-Efficient MAC Protocol for Ad hoc Networks, 2005.
  111. Yihai Zhang, MASc, Quality of Service for Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing, 2005.
  112. Omar Farooq, MASc, Performance of Space-Time Trellis Codes in Fading Channels, 2004.
  113. Mohammadali Khosravifard, PhD (Isfahan University of Technology), Some Codes for Finite Monotone Sources, 2004.
  114. Majid Khabbazian, MASc, Software Elliptic Curve Cryptography, 2004.
  115. Katayoun Farrahi, MASc, Robust H.264/AVC Video Transmission in 3G Packet-Switched Networks, 2004.
  116. Wei Li, PhD, On Diversity in Wireless Communications, 2004.
  117. Caner Budakoglu, MASc, Key Management for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, 2004.
  118. William Chow, MASc, Concatenated Space-Time Block Codes and Turbo Codes with Unstructured Interference, 2004.
  119. Hao Zhang, PhD, Capacity and Error Probability Analysis for Space Time Block Codes and Pulse Position Modulation Ultra Wideband Communication Systems, 2004.
  120. Zeljko Blazek, PhD, On Lowering the Error-Floor of Low-Complexity Turbo Codes, 2003.
  121. Yousry Abdel-Hamid, MASc, On Accessing Multiple Mirror Sites in Parallel, 2003.
  122. Abolfazl Ghassemi, MASc, Efficient Implementation of Turbo Decoders for Software Defined Radio, 2003.
  123. Neil Carson, MASc, Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction of OFDM Symbols, 2003.
  124. John Wong, MASc, Classification of Small Optimal Codes over Z_4, 2002.
  125. Andrew Reid, PhD, Turbo Codes: Convergence Phenomena and Non-binary Constructions, 2002.
  126. Michael Bandsmer, MASc, Efficient Decoding of Low Density Parity Check Codes and Irregular Repeat Accumulate Codes over GF(2^m), 2001.
  127. Shyh-Hao Kuo, MEng, Chaos-based Pseudo-random Bit Stream Generator for Cryptographic Applications, 2001.
  128. Nicholas Pau, MEng, Effect of 4-Cycles on Low Density Parity Check Codes, 2001.
  129. David Rankin, PhD, Single Parity Check Product Codes and Iterative Decoding, 2001.
  130. Steward Ting, MEng, A Dual-Tone Noncoherent Frequency-Hopped Spread Spectrum System, 2000.
  131. Torrens Moore, MEng (Distinction), Software Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes, 2000.
  132. Jonathan Kong, MEng, Weight Patterns and Interleaver Design for Parallel Concatenated Convolutional Codes, 2000.
  133. Anthony Lineham, MEng, Heuristic S-Box Design, 2000.
  134. Nikolai Senkevitch, MEng, Classification of Optimal Linear Rate 1/2 Codes over Small Fields, 2000.
  135. Boon Hwang, MEng, Minimal Trellis Structures for Linear Codes, 1999.
  136. Kamal Al-Sabbagh, MEng, Bandwidth Efficient Turbo-codes using Bayesian Networks, 1999.
  137. Michael Moher, PhD, Cross-Entropy and Iterative Detection, 1997.
  138. Morteza Esmaeili, PhD (Mathematics), Graphical Properties of Quasi-Cyclic Codes, 1996.
  139. Amir Bigloo, PhD, Spread Spectrum Multiple Access with Packet Combining, 1996.
  140. Donna Spilchen, MEng, Diversity Combining for M-ary Fast Frequency Hopping in a Multiple Access Rayleigh Fading Channel, 1996.
  141. Winnie Lin, MEng, Generalised Linear Anticodes and Optimum Error-Correcting Codes, 1995.
  142. Welly Firmanto, MEng, Code Combining of Reed-Muller Codes in an Indoor Wireless Environment, 1995.

Aaron Gulliver