Date Sections Expected Topics
Jan. 6

course outline and introduction
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Jan. 9/13
CN Chapter 1
network overview
Jan. 16/20
CN Chapter 2
(Sec. 1: The theorectical basis for data communication; Sec. 5: The public switched telephone network; Sec. 7: Cable television)
PHY layer technologies, acccess, backbone

Assignment 1
Due on Jan. 30, using the course assignment drop box (on the second floor of ELW), close to the elevator. There are separate bins for course assignments and lab reports.
Assignment 1 Solution
Jan. 23/27
CN Chapter 3 (Sec. 1 Data link layer design issues: 1.2-1.4; Sec. 2 Error detection and correction; Sec. 3 Elementary data link protocol: 3.2; Sec. 4 Sliding window protocols; Sec. 6 Example data link protocols)
link layer, link error control
Jan. 30/Feb. 3
CN Chapter 4 (Sec. 2 Multiple access protocols 2.1, 2.2, 2.6; Sec. 4 Wireless LANs: 4.3; Sec. 7 Data link layer switching: 7.1-7.5)
resource management and medium access control (MAC)

Assignment 2 Due on Feb. 10
Assignment 2 solution
Feb. 6
vehicle networks, Controller Area Networks (CAN), wireless access networks for machine-to-machine communications
Feb. 10/13
CN Chapter 5 (Sec. 5: Internetworking; Sec. 6: The network layer in the Internet: 6.1)
network layer
Feb. 24/27
CN Chapter 5 (Sec. 2: Routing Algorithms: 2.2-2.6) routing algorithms

Assignment 3
Due on Mar. 2
Assignment 3 Solution
Mar. 2
CN Chapter 5 (Sec. 6: The network layer in the Internet: 6.2-6.5) Internet addressing and routing protocols
Mar. 5
Midterm exam

Mar. 9
CN Chapter 5 (Sec. 6.3: Internet Control Protocols) ARP
Mar. 12/16/19

CN Chapter 6 (Sec. 1: The transport service: 1.1,1.2; Sec. 5 The Internet transport protocols: TCP: 5.1-5.10)
transport layer, flow control, packet error control, network congestion control

Assignment 4
Due on Mar. 26
Assignment 4 solution
Mar. 22
CN Chapter 6 (Sec. 4: The Internet trasport protocols: UDP: 4.1)
TCP variants and UDP

Mar. 26/30
CN Chapter 7 (Sec. 1: DNS; Sec. 2: Electronic Mail; Sec. 3: The world wide web)
Applications: world wide web, more HTTP domain name, email

Assignment 5 Due on Apr. 2
Assignment 5 solution
Apr. 2
Review Summary tcp-cc-example

Final Exam:, THU 16 APR, 19:00.

This is a nomination call for the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA's).
Value & Duration: $4,500 for a normal duration of 16 consecutive weeks on a full-time basis. Faculty members are required to supplement the award by 25% or $1,125.
Eligibility: Please see the attached document from the Office of Research Services and visit for more information.
Documentation Required:
- Copy of transcript
- Part 1 Form 202
- Part 2 Form 202
Form 202 is available at: Please note; that the application will need to be printed and submitted to myself to complete the nomination process.

Slides artwork credits:Tanenbaum, Kurose&Ross, and many others.

"Observations for students," by R. W. Hamming (PDF)

Google talk: Van Jacobson, "A New Way to look at Networking"
Another talk by Van, "Content-centric  networking"

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