Date Sections Expected Topics
Jan. 10

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Jan. 11/13/17
CN Chapter 1
network overview
Jan. 18/20/24
CN Chapter 2
(Sec. 1: The theorectical basis for data communication; Sec. 5: The public switched telephone network; Sec. 7: Cable television)
PHY layer technologies, acccess, backbone

Assignment 1
Due on Jan. 25.
Assignment 1 Solution
Jan. 27
First Midterm
Jan. 25/31/Feb. 1
CN Chapter 3 (Sec. 1 Data link layer design issues: 1.2-1.4; Sec. 2 Error detection and correction; Sec. 3 Elementary data link protocol: 3.2; Sec. 4 Sliding window protocols; Sec. 6 Example data link protocols)
link layer, link error control

Assignment 2 Due on Feb. 8
Assignment 2 solution
Feb. 3/7/8
CN Chapter 4 (Sec. 2 Multiple access protocols 2.1, 2.2, 2.6; Sec. 4 Wireless LANs: 4.3; Sec. 7 Data link layer switching: 7.1-7.5)
resource management and medium access control (MAC)
Feb. 10
vehicle networks, Controller Area Networks (CAN), wireless access networks for machine-to-machine communications
Feb. 14/15/17
CN Chapter 5 (Sec. 5: Internetworking; Sec. 6: The network layer in the Internet: 6.1)
network layer
Feb. 21/22/24
Reading Break

Assignment 3
Due on Mar. 1
Assignment 3 Solution
Feb. 28/Mar. 1
CN Chapter 5 (Sec. 2: Routing Algorithms: 2.2-2.6) routing algorithms
Mar. 3
Second Midterm

Mar. 7/8/10
CN Chapter 5 (Sec. 6: The network layer in the Internet: 6.2-6.5) Internet addressing and routing protocols
Mar. 14/15/17/21
CN Chapter 6 (Sec. 1: The transport service: 1.1,1.2; Sec. 5 The Internet transport protocols: TCP: 5.1-5.10)
transport layer, flow control, packet error control, network congestion control

Assignment 4
Due on Mar. 22
Assignment 4 solution
Mar. 22/24/28
CN Chapter 6 (Sec. 4: The Internet trasport protocols: UDP: 4.1)
TCP variants and UDP

Mar. 29/31/Apr. 4
CN Chapter 7 (Sec. 1: DNS; Sec. 2: Electronic Mail; Sec. 3: The world wide web)
Applications: world wide web, more HTTP domain name, email

Assignment 5 Due on Apr. 2
Assignment 5 solution
Apr. 5
Summary tcp-cc-example

This is a nomination call for the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA's).
Value & Duration: $4,500 for a normal duration of 16 consecutive weeks on a full-time basis. Faculty members are required to supplement the award by 25% or $1,125.
Eligibility: Please see the attached document from the Office of Research Services and visit for more information.
Documentation Required:
- Copy of transcript
- Part 1 Form 202
- Part 2 Form 202
Form 202 is available at: Please note; that the application will need to be printed and submitted to myself to complete the nomination process.

Slides artwork credits:Tanenbaum, Kurose&Ross, and many others.

"Observations for students," by R. W. Hamming (PDF)

Google talk: Van Jacobson, "A New Way to look at Networking"
Another talk by Van, "Content-centric  networking"

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