Course Project Information:

The course project requires students to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of modeling and analysis tools learned from the course, and to apply the tools in solving practical problems.

The project should take the form of a research paper, similar to those found in the published networking literature. (Of course, there is no requirement that your project be publishable!) It should contain the following sections.
1. Introduction: what is the problem and what inspires you to study the problem.
2. Related work: are there any existing work solving similar problems or using the similar tools that you use in your project.
3. System model: what are the specific scenarios, settings, and assumptions considered in your project.
4. Performance analysis: present the analytical framework to solve the problem.
5. Performance evaulation (optional): present the simulation/emulation/test results to validate the analysis and to investigate the system performance.
6. Conclusion.
Appendix: the main contributions of the author.

The project should be 15-20 pages in length, including abstract, figures, tables, and bibliography. Use a reasonable word processing package, a readable font size, and single-column formatting. 

1. Email me a 1-page project proposal in plain text or PDF format, on/before Nov. 10.

The proposal should clearly identify the topic being addressed and your proposed approach to the problem. A list of papers related to the project should be included in the proposal. This proposal will be my record of what you are working on. The project proposal itself will not be marked. Deviations from the proposed project at a later stage are still possible.

2. Submit the project report in PDF format, on/before December 15, 4pm.

Projects involving significant implementation effort can be accompanied by a demo, if appropriate. The course project will be evaluated according to its novelty, technical soundness, contribution, and presentation quality.

Some tips in technical reading and writing:
How do I evaluate the project report: (similar to the criteria for paper review)
Plagiarism (including self-plagiarism):
Any figure/table/algorithm/paragraph being copied-pasted from existing publications without citation is considered as plagiarism or academic cheating. Any report with identified plagiarism leads to a mark of zero and a notification being sent to the student's supervisor.