Guidelines on Religious Observances

  1. Where classes or examinations are scheduled on the holy days of a religion, students may notify their instructors, at least two weeks in advance, of their intention to observe the holy day(s) by absenting themselves from classes or examinations.
  2. Instructors will provide reasonable opportunities for such students to make up work or missed examinations.
  3. Students will cooperate by accepting the provision of reasonable opportunities for making up work or missed examinations.
  4. The University Secretary's Office will distribute a multi-faith calendar to each academic unit annually.

Commitment to Inclusivity and Diversity

The University of Victoria is committed to promoting, providing and protecting a positive, and supportive and safe learning and working environment for all its members.

Standards of Professional Behaviour

Each student is advised to read the Faculty of Engineering document titles Standards for Professional Behaviour which contains important information regarding conduct during course lectures, labs, and in the general use of campus facilities. The document may be viewed at:

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