The following tutorials were adapted from Dr. Sharlene Katz' SDR Project website and updated for GNU Radio 3.7. They are designed to get you familiar with various aspects of the GNU Radio Companion. You will also learn some basic tuning and demodulation techniques.

In addition to providing you with a great introduction to GNU Radio Companion, this material can also be used as a reference for future labs

As you work through the material, try to keep these following questions in mind:

  • What do the different colors of input and output terminals represent?

  • How is the computer's audio input/output hardware represented in GRC?

  • What is the Throttle block for? When should it be used?

  • How are block parameters linked to GUI controls?

  • How is an AM signal demodulated into an audio signal?

  • How is an SSB signal demodulated into an audio signal?

  • What methods are used to tune to a desired signal?

To understand how these demodulation techniques work, please review the theory of AM and SSB signals.

Other tutorials are also available, see for example