• Review the theory in the AM transmitter theory section 2.1.

  • Using the following GRC files as a starting point:

    Carry out the steps in the AM Transmitter procedures

  • Start GRC as was done in the previous tutorials. If GRC is already open, open the .grc files by selecting File->Open, or clicking on the Open logo,

  • If you are unsure of the functionality of any of the blocks in the linked tutorial, please consult the Documentation , or ask your TA.

  • Questions to be answered during the lab

    • For an AM signal as written in the text section 2.1 page 35, what is the acceptable range of the parameter k_a so that the message can be recovered perfectly in the receiver?

    • Sketch the spectrum of an AM signal with a message signal that is the sum of two cosine waves. Repeat for a message signal that is the product of two cosine waves.

    • What is the cutoff frequency of the low pass filter used in a synchronous AM receiver (where the received signal is multiplied with the carrier waveform and lowpass filtered).

    • Consider a signal with sampling rate of 256KHz. We use rational resampler block with decimation factor of 3 and interpolation factor of 4. What would be the new sampling rate of the signal?