Research Interests

Some of my research interests include:

Information for Prospective Graduate Students

I am currently looking for new graduate students to supervise. Applicants should have:

If you are interested in working under my supervision, please feel free to contact me directly by e-mail. When you initially write to me, however, please be sure to provide all of the following information:

  1. an up-to-date curriculum vitae (including a list of publications)
  2. a copy of your academic transcripts (unofficial copies are fine)
  3. if your most recent degree is not from a Canadian university: a recent GRE score
  4. if English is not your native language: a recent TOEFL score
  5. if you want to apply for the Ph.D. program: an abstract of your Master's thesis
  6. a one-page research proposal indicating the type of work that you would like to do
  7. a list of three references, providing the name, title, affiliation, telephone number, postal address, and e-mail address for each reference
  8. an indication of whether or not you require financial support for your studies
  9. an indication of whether or not you have already applied for admission in the department; if you have applied, please include your application number (if known)

Please ensure that your name appears somewhere on each page of the materials that you send to me (preferably at the top of each page). You should use PDF, PostScript, or plain ASCII text format for all electronic documents. Do not use HTML format. Do not use Microsoft Word format or any other non-portable/platform-dependent format.

Incidentally, the application process for new students can now be completed online. For more details, see the Graduate Students and Records web site.