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CENG496/SENG480A    Advanced Topics in Information Security (2008)

This is a joint course offered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSEng) program.

This course is designed to address important issues to implement security in the corporate environment and deal with advanced topics in information security management. It assumes fundamental knowledge of information security.

The course consists of 13 topics and is delivered by 13 security practitioners from government and industry. The topics of the course include Enterprise Security Architecture; International Standards and Best Practices; Security Threat and Risk Assessments; Security Education and Awareness; Monitoring; Investigations; Digital Forensics; Application Security; Privacy; Media Handling, Intellectual Property and Asset Disposal; Business Continuity Planning; Physical and Environmental Security; and Certificates in Information Security.

Each lecture contains a case study chosen from examples in the field. In the case study, a problem is described and students are asked to create solutions to the problem either cooperatively or individually. The result of the case study should be summarized individually, developed further, and submitted to Dr. Lee as an assignment. It is encouraged to incorporate further findings into the assignment.

The course pack is available at the Bookstore.


LECTURE MATERIAL: Available here after each lecture.

September 5 Enterprise Security Architecture Brent Grover
September 12 International Standards and Best Practices   Henry Lee
September 19 Security Threat and Risk Assessments Karen Bolch
September 26 Security Education and Awareness Ralph Kopperson
October 3 Monitoring Steven Radin
October 10 Investigations Linda Devlin
October 17 Digital Forensics Ken Madden
October 24 Application Security Sarah Louie
October 31 Privacy Jason Eamer-Goult  
November 7 Media Handling and Intellectual Property Ken Prosser
November 14 Certificates in Information Security Colin Booth
November 21 Business Continuity Management Graham Bennett
November 28   Physical and Environmental Security Susan Bedwell

ASSIGNMENTS: All assignment deliverables must be submitted to Dr. Lee's ECE Dept. mailbox in EOW 448 by 4:30 p.m. on the due date (next Friday after each lecture). A 1% deduction in the overall assignment mark will be made for each day a given deliverable is late.

Mid-term at the lecture room on Friday, November 14, 2008 (1:30pm-2:30pm)
Topics for mid-term: Enterprise Security Architecture, International Standards and Best Practices, Security Threat and Risk Assessments, Digital Forensics, and Media Handling and Intellectual Property

Final at DSB C114 on Thursday, December 18, 2008 (9:00am-noon)
Topics for final: All

OFFICE HOURS: 11am - noon on Fridays at EOW 441